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Tree Surveys & Reports
Kent & South East UK

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Tree Surveying Services In Kent

Based in Kent and covering the South East of the UK, we provide independent, unbiased tree surveying and reporting services. 

There are many reasons for requiring a tree assessment and we are proud to provide detailed information that may help with the following:

Mortgage & Pre-Purchase Tree Reports

If you are looking to purchase a property or piece of land, then you (or your mortgage provider) may require a detailed assessment of the trees on the property.

BS5837 Report For Planning Applications

When trees are located on a property or area of land, a BS5837 tree constraints plan is required before planning applications can proceed.

We can help with this.

Tree Condition & Safety Reports

To check the general condition of the trees you are responsible for, you may seek a tree condition survey. 

We can assess issues like defects, weaknesses, root defects or disease and recommend work to reduce safety risks.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s)

For assistance with obtaining or opposing a TPO, we can provide TPO assessment reports. 

These may relate to individual trees or woodland areas; designed to protect trees from improper removal, management methods or pruning.

Expert Witness: Legal Tree Reports

Trees left unmanaged can cause damage to people and property, leading to legal disputes. 

This tree report can provide expert insight and information that may be used for undertaking or combatting litigation.

Assisting Clients
In Kent &
The South East

Based in Kent, we cover the whole of the South East but may be able to venture further afield by appointment. 

Our services work with: 

  • Developers & Property Owners

  • Businesses & Local Authorities

  • Estates & Trusts

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With Fees starting from just £249, we offer one of the most competitive, detailed and complete tree surveying services in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost of a tree survey?

Prices start from just £249 but the scale and scope of each project will dictate the overall cost. 

Factors such as the number of trees requiring a survey, the size of the area being surveyed, the complexity of the report and the time required on-site and creating the report will affect the overall price. 

We always aim to be as competitive as possible without compromising any pertinent information. 

How long does a tree survey take?

The process can be broken down into:

  • Booking a date for the inspection.
  • The on-site time for the inspection.
  • The time required to complete the report.

Depending on the size and scale of the project, it can take from a few days up to 2 weeks to go from inspection to a complete report. 

The larger the scale and the more trees requiring inspection, the longer the process may take. 

What experience does Green Growth have?

Green Growth is a professional arboricultural service. 

We are qualified and insured to offer all aspects related to tree surveying, tree surgery, external maintenance and groundwork. 

We work all year round to provide our services, with many hundreds of satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves on a thorough, professional and competitively-priced service. 

What is a BS5837 tree survey?

A BS5837 tree survey is the British standard for trees, relating to design, destruction and construction.

Last updated in 2012, it focuses on trees situated within (or in proximity to) development sites which may affect any aspect of the design-to-construction process. 

A BS5837 report will be required to ensure smooth development and avoid future issues that may arise from tree mismanagement, safety concerns or potential damage to trees, property and the public.

Do you work with insurers and mortgage companies?

Your insurance company or mortgage provider will usually make you aware when a tree survey is required.

Sometimes they will recommend a tree surveyor though they may also give you the option to find one yourself. 

The tree inspections and surveys Green Growth provide are admissable to your mortgage or insurance company and we’re proud to have an extremely high success rate in assisting with securing planning and mortgage acceptance on behalf of our clients. 

Can Green Growth conduct work recommended in the tree survey?

We can conduct the work BUT tree surveying is a stand-alone part of our business.

We never seek to create extra work, instead, we work in the best interest of property owners and always look to work on the side of conservation and the best natural options for local environments.  

Our tree surveys simply provide the information to allow an informed decision to be made. You can use any tree surgeon to conduct the work but should you wish to use our team to conduct the services then we’ll be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quotation for the work.

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