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Tree Felling In Kent

What is Tree Felling?

Tree felling is known by many names: tree removal, tree cutting or cutting down trees.

The service is most associated with tree surgeons and involves the complete removal of a tree when it may be causing a hazard, becoming diseased, causing instability in nearby properties or affecting the aesthetic of its environment. 

This is often the last, best option and as qualified and experienced tree surgeons, Green Growth offers free assessments to ensure that tree felling is necessary. We’ll ensure that an affordable and thorough quote is offered before commencing work.

2 tree surgeons chop fallen branches.

Our Tree Felling Process:

It is not recommended to attempt tree removal yourself. A trained and qualified arborist should always be the first choice for tree felling due to the plethora of dangers. It may be a necessity for property maintenance so rest assured, we can assist you.

The Tree felling Process Involves:

  1. Free Assessment: Our arborists can conduct a site visit and assessment to ensure that tree felling is the best course of action. Sometimes, there are better options that preserve the life of the tree. We can offer reassurance that you’re making the right decision. 

  2. Safety & Preparation: Before work begins, we will clear the area surrounding the tree and put safety measures in place to avoid damage to nearby property, valued items and people. 

  3. Limb Removal: We start by removing the branches and tree limbs, ensuring a safe route to taking down the entire tree.

  4. Cutting Down The Tree In Sections: Working from the top, we take down the trunk of the tree in manageable sections, ensuring a safe & thorough removal process.

  5. Waste Removal: Green Growth holds a full green waste licence and is able to remove and dispose of all associated waste from the tree’s removal..
  6. Stump Removal: We offer a stump removal service to completely level the ground and leave no unsightly leftovers.

Is Tree Removal The Best Option?

If you have ANY doubts about proceeding with tree removal, you may want to consider the following points before completely removing a tree, especially if it is healthy. This section may help you take the decisions and ensure that risks are removed for peace of mind.

Safety Concerns:

People and properties may be at risk if a tree is allowed to remain in place. dead trees, diseased trees or over-growth can cause safety concerns. Allow us to reassure you and make the area safe.

Tree Overcrowding:

When trees are planted, it can be hard to imagine how big or how quickly they will grow. Eventually, this can cause overcrowding, causing them to compete for resources and nutrients, necessitating the need to thin them out. 

Tree Disease & Pests

A diseased tree may not be treatable and similarly, a tree may be infested with pests which are causing a threat to other plants, trees, property or people.

Space Constraints:

Large trees or their root structures can cause problems for nearby structures and buildings. This will often necessitate removal to free up an area and create a safe environment, reducing the risk of damage.

Damage From Adverse Weather:

High winds, heavy rain, storms or lightning can all cause advanced risks that a tree or branch may fall on nearby properties or people. Tree felling is one option to completely remove that risk before it occurs and the worst-case scenario happens. 

Offering Reassurance:

Unlike other tree service providers, we never remove a healthy tree if better options are available. We offer peace of mind that you’re making the right decision.

Tree Felling Options:

The base of a diseases tree after the whole tree has been removed.

Standard Tree Felling

The fastest and most affordable option is to cut a whole tree down from the base. 

This may not always be possible, depending on the size of the tree, if it poses a safety hazard or if it would cause a risk of damage or spreading disease.

A tree being felled in sections with only the trunk remaining.

Tree Felling In Sections

Usually, the best course of action is to fell a tree in manageable sections. 

Removing branches and limbs first allows an arborist to safely control taking down a tree without risk to its surroundings, especially if there is limited space. 

A large tree fallen on to shed following a storm.

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, the decision is made for us, usually following a storm or adverse weather. 

Our professional tree surgeons will prioritise visiting you and removing fallen trees and branches to make an area safe, reduce risks to properties or make a route accessible.

A man using a stump grinder to grind a tree stump.

Stump Removal

To leave a clean, clear, flat area, it may be worth considering stump grinding to completely remove the leftover stump after tree felling. 

Green Growth have a range of stump grinders for all stump sizes and challenges. This process can be conducted any time after tree felling which makes it a nice, affordable option. 

Tree Felling FAQs:

Can I Remove The Tree Myself?

Tree felling can be extremely dangerous to the people conducting it as well as posing a risk to nearby property, vehicles and surroundings. 

We’d always recommend getting a FREE assessment and quotation from a qualified, reputable tree surgeon or service company such as Green Growth.

Is Tree Felling Expensive?

Tree felling costs depend on a number of factors such as the size of the tree, how accessible it is, what equipment will be required and the kind of tree service needed. 

For example, a standard tree felling, which can be done from the base, posing no risk to anything will cost a great deal less than a large tree situated in an enclosed area that might require a crane to access it. 

The best option is to get a free assessment and quotation before committing to its removal.

Will The Tree Grow Back?

Trees can and will grow back, if not correctly treated to prevent that from happening. 

With options like stump removal, copper nails or more advanced options, we can ensure that the tree you have paid to remove, will not return in the future. 

Is The Stump Removal Service Necessary?

Stump removal is an additional service we offer that can be included in the quote for tree removal or left, allowing you to consider the service in the future. 

If you want to ensure that no regrowth occurs and want to improve the overall appearance of your property, then you can request a quote with or without stump grinding included.

Are You Able To Fell Dangerous Trees?

The Green Growth team are qualified, experienced, insured and fully equipped to deal with every sort of tree felling service. 

Our initial site visit and assessment will allow us to make sure we have the right equipment and safety measures on hand, should you wish to proceed with the work.

We mitigate a lot of the threat posed by dangerous trees, by ensuring we conduct the work with everything required to keep our team, the public and your property, fully protected from all eventualities. 

Do I need Permission To Remove A Tree?

There may be some cases where permission is required before felling a tree.

If there are preservation orders is one example but there may be other issues like a tree spanning a boundary that you share with a neighbour or land owner. 

Though we may be able to assist with some of these issues, we always recommend that you seek permission from neighbours before conducting our work and check that a tree does not have a preservation order on it.  

What Do You Do With The Trees You Chop Down?

Green Growth Tree Services have green waste licences to dispose of trees in an environmentally conscious way after we cut them down. 

However, if there are other options such as recycling, up-cycling, mulching or (for damaged and diseased trees) turning into firewood, then we always try to make sure we’re disposing of them in the most eco-friendly way possible. 

Does It Take Long To Cut Down A Tree?

The size, accessibility and complexity of a tree (or trees) always determines how long the job will take. 

Green Growth has the best equipment on the market, which we maintain highly to ensure maximum efficiency as well as a wealth of experience to make sure the job is done safely and efficiently. 

Small trees will usually be felled and removed in a short few hours. Larger or more complex removals, which may pose additional challenges can take longer, possibly spanning a few days. 

However, we always aim to quote for the overall work, rather than by the hour. So if additional complications arise, there are on us, rather than creating additional expenses for the property owner. 

Can I Keep The Wood You Cut Down?

We understand that you may wish to keep some of the wood from any trees you cut down, for projects or firewood. 

If you let out team know that you’d like to set some aside, we’ll make sure it’s cut into manageable sections and stacked in a safe place for you as part of the service we offer. 

Tree Felling Service
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Green Growth Tree Services is based in Kent and operated across the South East of the UK.

To ensure that we’re able to quickly and efficiently work for our clients, we try to maintain local work first but we can travel further afield by appointment. 

We always look to offer the most affordable, reliable and efficient service for everyone we work with who needs qualified and experienced arborists.

Contact the team today and let us know your location and requirements. We’ll arrange a free assessment, before giving you a competitive quote.

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