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Tree Reductions In Kent

What is Tree Reduction?

Tree reduction (often referred to as ‘crowning’) is a pruning method used to control a tree’s size and shape by trimming back its branches and foliage.

This technique is often used to address safety concerns or clear obstructions.

Differing from tree topping, tree reduction maintains the natural form of the tree while reducing its size.

The process can be challenging and in order to avoid excessive reduction (which can damage the tree), it should only be performed by a trained professional using proper techniques and equipment.

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The  Tree Reduction Process:

A professional, qualified arborist should perform tree reductions. In order to promote tree health and adhere to all safety measures.

Typically, any tree reduction will involve:

  1. Pre-Assessment: The arborist will first assess the tree to determine the appropriate amount of reduction needed. They will consider the tree’s species, age, health, and location, as well as any safety or aesthetic concerns.

  2. Planning: Based on the assessment, the arborist will create a pruning plan that outlines which branches and foliage will be removed and how much of the tree will be reduced.

  3. Pruning: Using pruning tools appropriate to the size of the tree, the arborist will carefully remove the designated branches and foliage in a controlled manner. Aiming to maintain the natural form of the tree while reducing its size and shape.

  4. Cleanup: Once the pruning is complete, the arborist will clean up the site by removing green waste and disposing of it as their green waste licence dictates.

Reasons For Trees Reduction:


Trees can often become overgrown, with branches that overhang properties, power lines or pathways, posing a safety risk. Tree reduction can be used to prune back these branches and prevent potential accidents from occurring.


Trees can often grow extremely quickly, causing structural instability (with heavy branches) or dieback and disease can occur. Tree reductions can provide long-term benefits to the health and longevity of the tree.

Clearing Potential Obstructions:

Trees can obstruct a view or restrict access to a given area. Tree reduction can be used to clear the obstruction without removing the entire tree.

Size Control & Letting In Light:

Trees can grow too large for their location. Tree reduction can be used to reduce its overall size and shape to better fit the space, whilst letting extra light through. Successful tree reduction retains the original form of the tree.

Value & Aesthetics:

In order to improve the appearance and appeal of your property, tree reduction can be used to shape a tree and create a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. This can often add value to your home or building, whilst reducing the associated risks of having large trees in close proximity to buildings.

Peace Of Mind:

There can be a great many reasons to consider tree reduction but most importantly, we want you, the client to be happy and feel secure. 

Prices For Tree Reduction:

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Free Consultation & Estimate

We always start by providing a free quotation.

The size of the tree, the tree species, the location and the complexity of the work will always dictate the fee.

We work hard to provide the most competitive quotes, whilst never compromising on safety and quality when it comes to the work.

A tree surgeon tethered to a tree, chops and drops large logs from a branch he is cutting.

Tree Crown Reduction Fees & Basic Prices

There is no standard fee when it comes to tree crown reduction because factors can differ so greatly. 

However, you can expect to pay (on average) somewhere between £200 to £800 per tree, based on a small/mid-sized tree up to a large tree. We aim to provide the fairest prices, without any extra fees from those quoted.

A large tree limb being supported by a crane because it was not cable braced.

Discounts On Groups Of Trees

Setting up and getting equipment in place is a large portion of the cost. So please feel free to ask us about discounts for multiple trees or groups within your area.

Green Growth are happy to provide a complete quote that covers you and your neighbours, provided you can reach an agreement on this first. 

Tree Reduction Questions & Answers:

Is Tree Reduction and Tree Crowning The Same Thing?

Essentially, yes. 

The process involves reducing the height and spread of the tree, particularly the foliage-bearing areas. 

This reduces the mechanical stress of the tree, due to its weight. But it will also make the environment safer, reducing the risks from storms and high winds, whilst allowing greater light-flow and reducing shading.

Is Tree Crowing Harmful For Trees?

When done correctly, tree crowning should be beneficial to the tree’s health, as well as to the surrounding area. 

An experienced arborist should be able to retain the general shape of the tree without causing harm. It’s vital the process is adhered to with the tree’s health in mind.

Will The Tree Grow Back?

We get asked this question a lot! 

When reduced, the tree can look a little bare. But over the next few months, you will find it grows back thick and fast, with a better, more compact shape. 

Different species of tree will have different growth rates. Our expert team will be happy to give you specific answers to the question when we know the tree type, size and nature of the reason for tree crowning.

How Often Should You Reduce Your Trees?

Tree age and condition will dictate how often reactions are required.

Generally speaking, younger trees may require more frequent crowning to aid their form, shape and structure, whereas more established trees should be more stable, for longer. 

Typically, once crowned, you should be able to go a number of years before the service is required again. Our team will be happy to give you rough figures, once we have seen the tree, and it’s species and established an idea of how old it is.

What Happens To The Green Waste?

Green Growth Tree Services hold Green waste licences and dispose of all green waste ethically and in accordance with UK legislation. 

We are happy, however, for you (as the tree’s owner) to keep logs back, if you wish to retain some for wood burners, fires or stoves etc. 

Please let us know and we’ll even stack in in a appropriate place to make it easy for you. 

Tree Reductions In Kent & The South East

Green Growth Tree Services is an experienced, qualified team providing arboricultural services across the South East of the UK.

Based in Kent, we’re ideally placed to travel further afield, when the work requires it. Though we try to provide the most competitive quotes we can, close to home.

We offer complete arboricultural services that range from tree surgery and landscaping to general garden maintenance and construction projects on patios and fencing. 

Get in touch, for free, today. We’ll be happy to assist you and provide an initial assessment and affordable quotation for the work.

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