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Tree Services In Kent 
&  South East UK

Working with homeowners, businesses and local authorities, Green Growth provides services all year round to suit your requirements and budget. 

With free quotations and competitive rates, we cover the South East of the UK with a growing reputation for the quality of service and attention to detail. 

Emergency Tree Services

Our emergency tree services are 24 hour and we aim to be with you quickly.

We understand that clearance after storms or unforeseen circumstances will always need to be prioritised. 

Tree Surgery

You can book our team in to conduct every aspect of tree surgery.

From initial safety assessments and expert recommendations to tree felling, reductions or stump removals, we’re fully equipped to undertake the work.

Tree Surveying Service

Tree surveys are often required by third parties such as insurers, mortgage providers or local authorities.

We’re experienced and qualified to provide full assessments and surveys but are uniquely able to conduct the work required to make your location safe. 

A new fence in the background of a freshly-landscaped garden

Landscaping Services

We work with private homeowners, landlords, businesses and estates, providing landscaping services.

This can include everything from garden clearances, turfing and planting to fencing and patio installation. Get in touch and we’ll work with you and your budget.

Nathan from Green Growth cuts a high hedge atop a ladder in Kent

Garden Maintenance

We welcome ongoing work and offer competitive rates on garden maintenance.

No task is too big or too small, from regular grass cutting to bi-annual hedge maintenance or topiary management, Green Growth is here for seasonal or year-round work as and when you need our assistance. 

Covering the South East of the UK

Based in Kent, our team work across the South East of England to provide the highest quality of service on all aspects of tree surgery, landscaping and ground maintenance. 

  • Free quotations available

  • We prioritise Kent but can work further afield by appointment

  • Emergency tree services are 24/7 callout

Any Questions?

How soon can you carry out the work?

We always aim to be with you as soon as possible and prioritise emergency service work.

Our team values each and every client we work with but we can become heavily booked up at certain times of the year. 

We always try to work as efficiently as possible with enough wiggle room to tend to emergency work when it arises, especially after bad weather or storms.

Are you a qualified tree surveyor?

Yes. We carry full arboricultural accreditation to conduct reviews and provide full tree surveys. This will often be a requirement for mortgage assessments, insurance claims or to simply avoid future dangers that root damage or unstable trees may cause.

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll provide all the details needed before carrying out an assessment at your location with a detailed report.

We’re outside of your area of operation. Can you assist us?

Based in Kent, we cover a wide area of the South East but it may be possible to book us for work further afield. 

We’re able to travel but response times can be heavily impacted if we are required to travel a long way to conduct the work. 

It may be possible to arrange our services, so feel free to get in touch and let us know where you are in the UK.

Can I get a free quotation?

All quotations and initial assessments are free. We work hard to provide the most affordable service possible and that starts by giving you a competitive quote for the highest levels of service within our industry. 

How do you determine if a tree requires removal?

We can assure you that full tree removal is always a last resort. We never recommend removing a healthy tree unless the situation necessitates it. 

In some cases, it will be necessary but we’ll always make you aware of the alternative options like pruning (pollarding), tree reductions, crown-thinning or dead wooding so you can make an informed choice. 

Can you work around preservation orders?

We are experienced when it comes to working with local councils and authorities if trees or woodland have preservation orders in place. 

Often, work is required to keep trees healthy and provide public safety so feel free to get in touch if you have concerns and we can take care of the rest. 

What kind of equipment do you use?

As experienced and full-time tree surgeons, we bring all the equipment required to conduct the work safely. 

We have everything from multiple stump grinders, shredders and cherry-pickers to the standard tools of the trade like chainsaws and approved climbing gear. 

Our lives are dependent on the equipment we rely on and no shortcuts are taken when it comes to ensuring our safety and quality of work. 

Will your insurance cover you on our property?


Green Growth has very robust insurance in place for our team, our equipment and the protection of the general public and the properties we work on. 

We have strict safety protocols in place but should unforeseen circumstances arise, we can assure you that our insurance will cover every possibility. 

Does Green Growth dispose of the tree waste?

We carry full waste licences to safely remove and ethically dispose of tree and green waste that results from the services we provide.

Can I keep the wood from the fallen trees for personal use?

Of course! 

Should you wish to retain fallen branches, logs or trees and you’re able to make use of them, then we are more than happy to stack them in a convenient location for you. 

Simply let us know and we’ll oblige.

How do you ensure your safely during tree work?

No expense is spared when it comes to our equipment. 

We use the highest-rated climbing gear and bring everything required for specialist jobs, from cherry pickers to shredders. 

All equipment is rigorously maintained for our safely and yours. 

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