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Cable Bracing Tree Services In Kent

What is Cable Bracing?

You may be familiar with cable bracing as the technique is used in engineering and construction to support structures such as buildings and bridges. 

It involves the installation of high-tensile steel cables to reinforce the structures, increasing stability and strength, and protecting them from heavy loads, high winds, severe weather and even earthquakes.

It provides a high degree of durability in the long term and makes the structure safe.

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How Is Cable Bracing Used For Trees?

Tree surgeons use cable bracing in arboriculture to provide structural stability and support for trees with a high risk of “failure” due to structural defects, damaged limbs or weakness.

Much like engineering and construction, the cable bracing system for trees involves attaching high-strength steel cables to strong parts of the tree, such as the trunk or established branches and securing them strategically to redistribute the weight and provide support for areas that may otherwise present a risk of failure or collapse. 

Specialised equipment is required for this dangerous process as well as an extremely good understanding of tree structures and weight distribution. 

Cable bracing is often used in conjunction with other tree-preserving practices (such as thinking, pruning or limb removal) to ensure both the long-term health of the tree, the protection of any nearby properties and the safety of members of the public. 

It is vital that the cable bracing of trees is only conducted by fully trained, qualified, experienced and insured arborists.

A tree surgeon scales a tree to cable brace it.

Reasons For
Cable Bracing Trees:

Increasing Safety:

Cable bracing can help prevent tree or structure failures that could cause injury or property damage.

Long-term preservation:

Cable bracing can help preserve the health and longevity of trees by reducing stress on weak or damaged areas and preventing further damage from occurring.

Structural stability:

Cable bracing can provide additional support and stability to trees and structures, reducing the risk of damage or collapse from wind, heavy snow or rain, or other forces.

Aesthetic Improvement:

Cable bracing can help maintain the natural beauty of trees and preserve their aesthetic value in any environmental settings.

Increasing Property value:

Trees that are properly maintained with cable bracing can help enhance property values and curb appeal, making them more attractive to potential buyers or renters, and providing enhanced safety and reassurance.

What are the Costs Of Cable Bracing?

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Small To Medium Individual Trees

The basic cable bracing service for individual trees can start at around £200.

This will vary depending on the size of the tree, the complexity of the issues with its stability and the cost of other services that may be required, such as pruning before cable installation.

A tree surgeon tethered to a tree, chops and drops large logs from a branch he is cutting.

Cable Bracing Medium to Large Trees

Though the process is the same for all trees, larger trees may pose bigger safety issues and a greater deal of assessment and consideration will be required. 

Typically, larger trees may cost around £400 to £1000 for effective cable bracing, once the initial assessment is completed. 

A large tree limb being supported by a crane because it was not cable braced.

Groups of Trees Or Hazardous Areas

Green Growth provides free quotations and initial assessments for larger projects. 

We work with large businesses and local authorities as well as estates and private land owners to provide preservation and protective services for woodland areas. Our rates are competitive for these projects. 

The Cable Bracing Process:

Free Initial Assessment & Project Proposal

Our trained and qualified arborists will assess the tree (or trees) to determine their overall health, structural integrity, and potential risk for failure. They will also identify any weak or damaged areas that may require cable bracing.

We will outline a proposal of work, prioritising the trees and structurally weak points that pose the most danger. 

We always try to provide a competitive quote without compromising on safety aspects or the longevity and protection of the trees.

Preparation Work

Once our proposal is approved, we book you in and start by preparing the area, tree or trees. This may involve clearing undergrowth, making the are safe to operate in and clearing dead or dangerous branches from the effective trees.

Hardware Installation & Cable Selection

In order to install cable bracing, there will need to be appropriate support in the form of brackets, nuts and bolts to secure the cable to the tree. 

We’ll use strong strategic points on the tree as anchors for weight distribution. 

Our team will also select the correct cable with the right tensile strength to provide an even load and ensure the cable is the correct tension for improved stability and long-term safety.

Final Inspections

Once the work is completed, we always conduct an exhaustive inspection and series of tests to ensure the work is completed to the standard we expect. 

Follow Up Action

All work is guaranteed but incrementally, you may require follow-up inspections. 

As trees grow or conditions change, it is advised that thorough checks are conducted and safety and integrity are assessed.

Cable Bracing Services In Kent & The South East

Based in the centre of Kent, the Green Growth team provide arboricultural services across the South East. 

We regularly travel further afield and may be able to assist you across the UK, once we’ve had a discussion about the services you require.  

We aim to provide the most complete and reliable tree services at the most competitive rates. 

For an initial chat, a free assessment or simply a second opinion on any aspect of cable bracing, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team. 

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