Tree Surgeon Services In Kent

Working across the South East of the UK, Green Growth performs a wide range of tree maintenance services for homeowners, businesses and authorities. 

We provide emergency call-outs as required or you can arrange to book in the service around times that suit you.

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Tree Surgeon Services Services

Based in Kent, Green Growth is very experienced with a broad range of tree maintenance services. 

We’re fully insured and accredited to provide the most professional and safe approach, whilst being competitive on price

We can give you free, no-obligation quotes before the work is conducted, at which time we’ll asses any dangers and potential problems before undertaking the task. 

We will give your property the respect it deserves, ensuring nothing is damaged and all logs and garden waste are removed, with the area being left secure and tidy when we’ve finished. 

A view inside a diseased tree stump.

Tree Felling

There can be a number of reasons that you require a tree to be felled but it will often be made difficult by the environment around it.

We assess the risks and ensure that the tree is felled and logged as safely as possible with minimal risk of damage to the surrounding area.

Bringing all the necessary equipment, we observe all safety protocols and leave your garden looking tidy by removing all logs, wood and garden waste.

Tree Reductions

Tree reduction can often save a tree and reduce the risk of falling branch damage to your property.

Adverse weather and general tree health will have a bearing on whether on not a tree may require reduction services. 

We can reduce the height and spread of the crown which will often reduce the stress on trees which bear a top-heavy load. 

We can assist whether it be for aesthetic or safety reasons.

Pruning / Pollarding

Pollarding (often known as ‘pruning’) is a method to keep trees to a certain stature which may be less than their natural growth rate. 

This process can be an annual requirement for fruit or berry-bearing trees or plants to enhance production or attractive foliage. 

We’re happy to provide expert advice alongside our pollarding services to clients based in the South East of the UK.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the removal of dead and vulnerable branches from an otherwise healthy tree. 

These dead branches can often pose a safety risk, especially during inclement weather as well as putting undue stress through added weight on the tree itself. 

We follow all necessary safety protocols and respect the surrounding areas and buildings. Removing all wooden logs and waste when we’re finished. 

Stump Grinding

Stump removal can often be a difficult task. 

Stumps tend to be extremely heavy and well-rooted to the ground and will often cause suckering and fungal root rot if left in place. 

Green Growth can provide stump grinding for trees of any scale. We can remove tree stumps by appointment or as part of our call-out service following high winds or bad weather.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves removing branches to thin out the fullness of a tree. This creates a more balanced crown which not only improves the structural integrity of the tree but also makes it aesthetically more pleasing. 

This process will allow more light to filter through the tree whilst making it more stable. 

We’re happy to advise before conducting this service.

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