Emergency Tree Removal

24-Hour Emergency Tree Services In Kent

Unfortunately, trees will often fall at the most inconvenient times. This can damage properties, block roads or access points and create a great deal of disruption. 

Green Growth works across Kent and beyond to ensure that the area is cleared in a safe and controlled way, as swiftly as possible. For emergency tree removal, you can get in touch 24 hours a day. 

Tree surgeons close a road to conduct emergency tree work.
Green Growth tree surgeons in Kent logging a fallen tree.
Green Growths tipper for collecting tree waste

24-Hour Callout – Emergency Tree Surgeon

Priority Removals

You can call us, 24 hours a day to provide a fast-response tree surgeon service. We come with all the equipment needed in Kent or beyond.

With free quotations over the phone, we’ll make you our top priority as we remove fallen obstacles and make areas safe and usable again. 

Hazard Clearance

Trees can cause dangerous obstructions, usually in inconvenient places that cause blockages to roads, damage to buildings or take out critical components like power lines.

Our experienced, fully-insured arborists will conduct all work within health and safety guidelines, protecting us & the public.

Storm Damage

Extreme weather conditions are one of the biggest factors that cause trees to fall but they can also make clearance difficult. 

You may also find that it can be a challenge to find a professional, fast-response arborist to take action during or shortly after a storm. 

Our team are here to assist you.

Prevention Assessment

Some hazards can be avoided if assessed and addressed early enough.

Decay, eroded landscapes, weakened roots… There can be many factors that increase the risk of a tree coming down.

Green Growth are fully qualified to conduct in-depth tree surveys that may avoid catastrophe, especially if buildings, powerlines or roads are situated nearby.

Waste Removal

Clearing an area of immediate danger and obstructions may make it usable but can leave a lot of waste and debris. 

Green Growth hold waste licences and has the vehicles and manpower to remove everything from trees, logs and branches to dangerous garden waste that would otherwise be difficult to dispose of. 

We can also grind stumps of almost any size. 

Safely Measures

Emergency tree services often require an extra layer of safety, which we are fully equipped for.

We can arrange for road closures, bollards and systems to be in place to contain and manage traffic whilst emergency tree work is conducted. 

Our team use the correct safety equipment for the work to protect us and the public.

Vehicles belonging to a tree surgeon work to remove a fallen tree from a road
A large log from a fallen tree.
A large collection of logs from fallen trees

Contact Green Growth

  • You can get in touch by contacting the details below or filling in the form to book our emergency tree removal services. 

    All quotations over the phone are free and we’ll do our best to get a full picture of the situation so we can bring the correct equipment needed to get the job done with the minimum of hassle. 

    We prioritise dangerous situations and operate an around-the-clock service to clear and make safe any areas of concern.

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