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Tree Maintenance

Greengrowth offer a full range of Tree maintenance services around Kent & Sussex.

Our Tree maintenance service covers Felling, Reductions, Crown Thinning, Crown Lifting, Dead-wooding, Pollarding, Cable bracing & Stump grinding.

  • Tree Felling

    The felling of a tree as a whole or section dismantling due to its surroundings.


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  • Tree Reductions

    Reducing each branch on the tree to a suitable point due to it being to large for its environment or to reduce the risk of limb/tree failure.

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  • Tree Pruning / Pollarding

    A heavy reduction of a tree leaving a trunk/or trunk with a small crown

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  • Dead wooding

    Removing the dead or dying branches for safety or for aesthetic reasons

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  • Stump grinding

    A machine used to remove the stump of the tree allowing the opportunity to replant/reuse that piece of land

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  • Crown thinning

    Removing a percentage of the trees inner growth to allow more light through and to reduce the effect from the wind.

  • Crown lifting

    Creating a larger ground clearance between the ground and first branch

  • Cable bracing

    The use of cables and slings to support and strengthen the tree